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Tom Brimeyer Hypothyroidism Revolution - Miracles are possible - The boy lives with half a brain

Tom Brimeyer Hypothyroidism Revolution  - When medicine fails, perform miracles. This is a four-year Jake Gladstone. The doctors immediately after birth, found that half of his brain is not working.

The desperate mother hard to accept the fact that her boy might not be able to walk and talk; but, today he still lives like any child his age When he was born in September 2009, Jake had cold symptoms after a week, my parents drove him to the hospital, but the doctors thought he should go on home treatment Hypothyroidism Revolution Review

However, at the age of six months the parents noticed that difficulty moving his right hand. He was a quiet baby. No more crying day and night. The first medical examination and prognosis were grim. Half of his brain was not functioning even before birth.

We did not know what it is, how is everything we were told possible. X-ray showing brain The explanation is that the child in the womb had some kind of stroke and brain lost oxygen. Jake before his first birthday, managed to get up and protetura at home, our happiness knew no bounds, because for us it was not usually the first steps-told his mother Sara, who now barely catching his son, and dad Paul who looks forward to every football game you play in your backyard Tom Brimeyer Scam

The first word he uttered this brave little guy is "Orange" But the next year was hard on everyone and only then the boy began to walk properly, to say the first word. We are pleased with his progress, especially since he was diagnosed in the meantime, and epilepsy. The attacks are short line and learn to live with all the hardships that have befallen us-story. Jake's parents are very dedicated to his son and said that every day he learns something new, albeit more slowly than their peers, but the changes are constant and always for the better.

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