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June 09 2014


Tom Brimeyer - You make a bug in your food?

Tom Brimeyer Review - Do you abhor people who dip in sauce chips that have already been put in my mouth? Or disgust when you see a hair in your food?  This is a normal reaction that has a biological origin in the body. Specifically, the spasm that catches you in the stomach when the disgust of something, helps you stay safe from parasites and diseases. Disgust at certain things is part of everyday life and is determined by our hygiene habits.

It affects the way we approach people, whom we kiss, with whom we will be friends or beside which we sit. But the difference between that which we disgust and what is really dangerous for us is great. Many of the things that give us the feeling of disgust spasms are usually quite harmless Tom Brimeyer Review Hypothyroidism Revolution

Dipping chips in SOS MORE TIMES Sos is usually already full of bacteria, so you do not have too much to worry about if you see someone who is bitten portion of chips, and then again sunk into the sauce.

So it adds only a small amount of microbes in the sauce. In one study, researchers tested the growth of bacteria in a controlled laboratory environment were sterilized chips dipped in sterile sauce. It was found that the "double dip" can contribute to the creation of between one and four bacterial colonies in the sauce The Success Stories

So relax at parties and feel free to dip your chips. HAIR FOOD It is certainly surprising to find some hair of unknown origin in the meal, but even though you might be to kill your appetite, hair does not transmit the disease. Makes hair protein keratin, which usually is not transmitting pathogens, according to doctors and, even if the hair is infected with something, it's usually not turned into a bigger problem. It can happen with very little chance that the hair shaft is infected with staph, which can upset the stomach and cause diarrhea. However, a small amount of staphylococci on a strand of hair can hardly cause stomach problems.

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